Thursday, 7 May 2009

Judge Dredd...Another Reason I'm a Geek

The evidence is stacked against me. No matter how hard I try, I'm drawn to old comics, sci-fi feature films and I wouldn't feel too out of place at a Star Wars convention. I've given up saying I'm not and I've started embracing the fact that I'm a geek. Not quite a nerd. I don't like Star Trek enough and I use a Mac not PC. Plus, I couldn't fix my own computer to save my life. But, definitely a geek. 

I remember finding this annual in a charity shop and getting excited that it was published the year I was born. Then I convinced myself it could be valuable and that buying it would be an investment. Who am I kidding? This thing will sit in my bookshelf for the next ten years and will probably be joined by a few more graphic novels of a similar geeky ilk. It's in my blood. Some kind of genetic feature that will make my brain be interested in and drawn to  imaginary futuristic scenario's often involving lasers and space travel. Kinda like how evil bad guys are drawn to destroying the world, I think.

So if you're like me, and you know more about the history of the Old Republic than you do about modern history. Or more Vulcan words than those in a real foreign language. Embrace it. Don't be ashamed. What's so good about a real hobby anyway? Just face facts and realise, you're a geek and there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong at all. Nerds on the other hand, you guys are still weird. Get your life sorted out.

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