Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Space Travel

Honestly, who wouldn't want to travel in space. The excitement, the sights and not so much the smells, the unknowns, it's all too amazing to turn down. Not that I get offered to come to space much. I'm not David Bowie or anything, but it's all so great. No amount of epic accidents, space dangers or aliens seem to put people off wanting to be up there. I do find it strange how horror movies make people really scared of normal things; hockey masks, swimming, four foot high gremlins, etc. But, all these nasty things happening to people in space, such as aliens eating astronauts, demon ships from other dimensions or entire crews of spaceships forced to wear grey slacks and bright polo neck shirts never seem to put people off going there. Maybe it's because we don't actually ever realistically see ourselves ever going there and therefore don't ever stop to appreciate the real danger that such a scenario would bring. Or maybe we just don't care.

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