Monday, 18 January 2010


I found this little postcard in a junk shop at the Spittlefield Markets in London. I seem to fall in love with old stuff like this. I think it captures elements of things now long gone and for a few pounds I felt like I bought a tiny slice of history. Many of these postcards had things written on them to and from people who are most likely long gone and places long since changed.

You might think this is just some old photo that isn't even in colour. What's the big deal? The truth is, this little area here got the heck blown out of it a decade or so later during World War 2. This scene doesn't exist anymore and, despite postwar building efforts, never will. For some reason, stuff like this intrigues me more than watching repeats of Friends or the next version of Halo.

Anyway, should you want to glimpse the village nowdays, here's a link to the area now on GoogleMaps, Evreux.

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