Sunday, 11 April 2010

Matt Cruickshank

The things Matt Cruikshank can do with a pencil are downright amazing, although, one instance in Soho was a little bit perverted. That aside, Matt is among one of the best artists I've run into in my travels. Not just because he has the ability to convey thousands of emotions across a multiple of varied animation styles, or that he has a portfolio to make most animators very jealous, but because he would often take us to the pub after work. 

Nowdays, Matt has escaped the good offices of Disney London to establish himself in a more varied and creative way. One of his most impressive projects to date is Phillip & the Stove, which follows the travels of a character called Phillip Pearce. Well worth checking out. If you still want to see more of Matt Cruikshanks pencil skills, investigate his blog Ye Crooked Leg or visit Soho very late on a Thursday night.

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